arthritisArthritis is usually a disease of the whole body (a systemic disease) that is most dramatically seen in the joints. The word “arthritis” means joint inflammation. Very few people with arthritis are crippled. In fact, arthritics may have the condition for years, even decades, and never know it! You may have arthritis right now. 

Osteoarthritis or OA, also called degenerative joint disease, is the most common arthritis of all. OA is considered the result of too much spinal stress that creates wear and tear on the joints. It’s often a sign that the spinal column is unbalanced or has been injured. Bone growth called “lipping” and “spurring” may be a body defense – the body is trying to strengthen an area by building up more bone. Sometimes the bony growth may compress nerves, cause pain and affect the health of internal organs.

The medical profession offers no cure for arthritis. Medical treatment usually includes anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and application of heat. Aspirin, while it may reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation, often requires 8 to 24 tablets a day and can cause stomach irritation, bleeding and ulcers. Other pain relieving drugs are damaging to the liver and kidneys. Approximately 10,000 arthritic sufferers die every year form the gastrointestinal complications of various arthritis drugs.

If you have arthritis you would be well advised to have your spine checked for spinal nerve stress by a chiropractor. Spinal nerve stress damages the nervous system, stresses the immune system, puts the body in a weakened state and can set the stage for sicknesses and diseases of all kinds including some types of arthritis.

Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and gently free the body from spinal nerve stress. Research has shown that most patients (86%) with rheumatoid arthritis have severe spinal misalignments, especially in the upper neck area.

Another study showed that nearly 90% of osteoarthritis sufferers improved under chiropractic care. Many other studies have shown the benefit of spinal adjustments for arthritis sufferers.

Gentle, low force chiropractic treatment is particularly helpful for many forms of arthritis and is very safe. Doctors who offer nutrition and dietary advise along with stretching exercises will often provide relief.

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