Low Back Strain


Low Back Strain

Low back or lumbosacral strain is a common diagnosis given to patients suffering from low back pain. A strain, by definition, means some type of injury involving the muscles.

There are two types of low back strains, acute and chronic. An acute back strain is usually the result of a traumatic injury like a fall or heavy lifting. The chronic back strain develops more slowly, over time; perhaps the result of poor posture, stressful repetitive activity or poor muscle tone. The person suffering an acute low back strain is usually aware that he or she did something wrong to hurt themselves. The cause of a chronic strain is not always so obvious.

The primary complaint of a lumbosacral strain will be aching or stiffness in the lower back. The pain may cover a wide area or might be localized. Bending forward or to one side seems to increase the pain, with rest making it better. Rather than the pain being in the middle or center of the back over the spine, it will feel like it is more off to the side.

Treatment for lumbosacral strain should include proper short-term rest, icing, stretching and a combined program of exercise, postural training and assessment of related spinal biomechanics. The person suffering from low back pain should accept nothing less than a qualified physician with training and experience in each of these areas. By doing so, proper diagnosis and treatment can be expected, with a hopeful speedy recovery from pain.

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