Dan A


Dan A

Dr Boyd had helped me get over a severe pain that had invaded my arm a couple decades ago, and I got no relief from a course of treatment by painkillers suggested by a physician at a rather prominent, international medical institution that shall remain nameless here. Through a series of adjustments, I felt the pain reverse down the arm to the point at which it started, at the tip of my right thumb (I suspected it was caused by the un-ergonomically-friendly design of the computer mouse I was using at the time).

I ran into Dr Boyd again at the county fair a couple years ago and related some issues I had been having with my knees (due to arthritis and a damaged meniscus due to a fall). I had been told I was too young to be considered for joint-replacement (by a rather prominent, international…), but was told that could be a feasible solution in 2-3 years. I started seeing Dr Boyd for regular adjustments to the spine and to the knees, and I have blown past the 3 year mark and hope to avoid the surgeons’ knives altogether at this point. I no longer need to take Aleve or Advil to stave off the pain symptoms I had been experiencing prior to my visits to Dr Boyd.

The other very positive aspect of my experience with Dr Boyd (and the “family” at the Family Wellness Center) is the health education that comes along with the treatments. There is a focus on educating the patients from a holistic perspective–that pain is just a warning (sometimes very late in the process!) from your body that something is not functioning properly! There are also opportunities provided to find out what we need to be aware of when we eat, what we bring into our living environments, and what we do (or don’t do!) to keep our bodies moving to perform our daily activities.

Finally, the other part of my doctor/patient relationship that impresses me, perhaps the most, is that I know Dr Boyd continues to pursue education that makes him a better practitioner and increases his awareness of the latest developments in his field. After I was in an automobile crash caused by a drunk driver hitting our car when we were stopped at a red light, Dr Boyd referred me to a practice experienced in treating concussion symptoms, and I have no doubt that the extent of recovery I experienced was directly attributable to the treatments I received. Dr Boyd had become aware of these practitioners through a weekend seminar he had attended, and as he listened, my case came to his mind–he thinks about his patients outside of his working hours!