Trainers Speak Out for Chiropractic


Trainers Speak Out for Chiropractic

Chiropractic has made me stronger!
(The nerves going to my muscles are firing better)

I have been working 4+ years as a private trainer as well as a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Before chiropractic care I was having tightness all throughout my back upper, mid, and lower back. I was consistent with nutrition, movement, and stretching. However I was missing out on the realignment aspect of chiropractic care. I have experienced many improvements since my relationship with chiropractic care has started.  I have less pain and much better posture. I have more body awareness on when to keep pushing and when my body has endured enough throughout a workout. With chiropractic care I am able to train more efficiently and am more comfortable. I also have been able to lift heavier weights. What I have noticed from family and friends under chiropractic care is that they all are doing more intentional body work such as stretching, vibe plates, rolling, and massages. I now understand that you spine in the control board for your body and how important proper realignment is. I would tell anyone who may be seeking out chiropractic care to start sooner and keep coming back for routine maintenance!

Don’t wait until you “NEED” care!

Thanks Dr. B,
Tye Bentz